Monday, February 7, 2011

A whispered fragrance of Spring.

Nothing speaks to my spirit like awakening on an icy February morning to the delicate and heady wisp of Hyacinth.  Before I even open my eyes, their fragrance excites my joy within with their perfume.  I have made it a tradition to adorn my home with Hyacinth on the Eve of Imbolc.  Just as I feel the turn of Joy from within the Earth as She prepares for the exuberance of all Her crazy and wild sprouting, the fragrance of Hyacinth wafts its way delicately and with surprise through the rooms of my home.  Each time my senses register their fragrance my heart leaps! "Spring is coming!" Wooooo Hooooo!!!  I can barely sleep in the mornings now.  (this is a bit of a bummer because I did love the months of sleeping until 8 on the weekends.) Now, I am even awake to hear Mr. Cardinal chip chip chipping around the perimeter looking for breakfast.  Gee, at 5 a.m., I am awake for everything.

I have discovered that daily reminders like blooming indoor bulbs, ordering seeds (if you've managed to hold off this long!) or even purchasing cut cold-climate flowers like tulips and daffodils brings the hope we are craving to February, whereas without such hope we can be lured into depression, and discouragement, and downright frustration at the two more months of COLD!

What do you do to celebrate February's seed turning?  How do you kindle your pre-spring inner fire?

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