Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peace On the Earth and Happy Autumn Equinox

This is  painting by Heni Sandoval for International Day of Peace.  As we and Gaia begin our journey inward on this Autumn Equinox, we begin to look into the darkness.  Darkness was once a place where the Sacred was felt, sought and respected.  Now so many fear the dark.  Is this just a symptom of our contrived and superficial belief system? One that tells us to fear what we cannot see, that tells us there is nothing in the void?  As we connect to Spirit, we realize that in the darkness we can find our deepest selves and our Mother.  We were carried by our mothers in a womb of blackness...did we fear then?  I don't believe so.  It was when we emerged into the bright world that we first felt fear and need the embrace of our mother for security.  Peace can more easily be discovered in the darkness, without the distractions that are too available in the bright of day we can feel peace, sense it and even allow it to enter our hearts.  On this Equinox day I am spending sacred time in gratitude for all that has come in the bright days of Spring and Summer and welcoming the comfort and depth of the darkness that is coming.  I look forward to the cooler nights and early nightfall to reconnecting with my deeper self and with my Divine Mother and discovering what mysteries of beauty are at present being nourished.

Blessings and Peace in your Autumn quarter.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A view of Afghanistan

I stumbled upon the work of the artist and photographer Luke Powell one day.  I was so taken with the beauty of this country which is so usually depicted through the prism of conflict and violence.  I hope you find this as much a treat as I have.