Wednesday, February 16, 2011

John Lennon - Power To The People

May all the people standing up for a dream of a better world be Blessed, Protected, and Honored!

Power to the People!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Health, Healing, Balance, to heal ourselves

What is healing?  Is it the irradication of a specific set of symptoms, or a return of vitality, or is it perhaps something more complex, different, mysterious? Whether in our own quests for self-healing, or as midwives to others healing journeys, this question invariably comes up.   I looked up the definition of "to heal" and according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means "To make or become sound or whole."  What is whole? Is "whole" the body and organs we had in youth?  Or is it something more like a merging and interweaving of our emotional bodies, our spirit bodies and our physical bodies - the physical bodies we are present in today?   I wonder if we are confusing healing with cure?

In this modern society, one in which we are on a daily basis seeped in images of "perfect, young, and athletic" that we can perhaps forget, or miss what we are really trying to do.  Our bodies in their myriad of expressions of our physicality are beautiful! Round, soft, crooked, slow, spunky, rough, wrinkled. Just as we all have unique walks, we all have unique ways that our bodies indicate if we are living in balance.   Recently I was re-reading the book "Healing Wise" by Susun Weed.  In the wise-woman tradition healing is something that can and does exists even when physical variations remain.  Healing comes when life-spirit is ignited, when our muscles are relaxed, our curiosity is present, and we feel connected with ourselves, each other, and the Divine forces that Are.

We can really let ourselves off the hook here, take the pressure off of what "healed" will look like.  We don't realize what pressure is exerted on the system in the quest for healing!  Especially when we, or the ones we are caring for are in the stream of allopathic medicine.  Perhaps the blood panel will not indicate a change, or perhaps it will, but we will nonetheless feel strong, and vital and enthusiastic.  Perhaps we will need to walk slowly, or with a cane, perhaps we will need to employ the help of anti-cancer therapies, but will do so with dignity and the grace of a Wise Queen, and in the process slow down enough to share and see.   Healed is vital, vibrant and constantly changing, and is something which comes from deep within our very beings.  Healing radiates from within like the loving and brilliant Sun itself.

Our physical symptoms are part of our healing...not something which need be fought against and attacked, but rather surrendered into a slow and gentle dance with, where we can hear what is being whispered to our inner being.  This takes courage! It takes the courage to not succumb to fear.  Our bodies begin relaying wisdom to us subtly sometimes, and we are unaware of these gentle messages.  So many do not take notice until full blown conditions are present.   Our healing comes by opening our cosmic center to our spirit selves, which in many of our cases happens via our health "issues."

We find healing when we approach ourselves with tenderness, hold our healing selves, and each other's in our hands as we would a new born dove and then take the steps of courage knowing that we are in the arms of the Divine.

Dr. Stephan Harding - Part 1 / 10 - Gaia Theory & Deep Ecology

For the record.  I haven't ever seen these two videos on youtube before so I am posting them here for future reference and for those of you who haven't heard either of these two people speaking about Gaia.  We've been studying Space in our homeschooling studies this past two weeks, and I just happened upon these videos when searching for footage of Joanna Macy speaking, a truly inspiring speaker.  As a child, these ideas were not part of my education, and I've been reflecting on how much of my post-university life I've spent catching up.  My dream is that the for the children of today, and of the future, this knowledge will be part of their "culture" part of everyday acceptance.

Deep Ecology-Satish Kumar

Monday, February 7, 2011

A whispered fragrance of Spring.

Nothing speaks to my spirit like awakening on an icy February morning to the delicate and heady wisp of Hyacinth.  Before I even open my eyes, their fragrance excites my joy within with their perfume.  I have made it a tradition to adorn my home with Hyacinth on the Eve of Imbolc.  Just as I feel the turn of Joy from within the Earth as She prepares for the exuberance of all Her crazy and wild sprouting, the fragrance of Hyacinth wafts its way delicately and with surprise through the rooms of my home.  Each time my senses register their fragrance my heart leaps! "Spring is coming!" Wooooo Hooooo!!!  I can barely sleep in the mornings now.  (this is a bit of a bummer because I did love the months of sleeping until 8 on the weekends.) Now, I am even awake to hear Mr. Cardinal chip chip chipping around the perimeter looking for breakfast.  Gee, at 5 a.m., I am awake for everything.

I have discovered that daily reminders like blooming indoor bulbs, ordering seeds (if you've managed to hold off this long!) or even purchasing cut cold-climate flowers like tulips and daffodils brings the hope we are craving to February, whereas without such hope we can be lured into depression, and discouragement, and downright frustration at the two more months of COLD!

What do you do to celebrate February's seed turning?  How do you kindle your pre-spring inner fire?