Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sub Freezing Athletics

Okay, so it was freezing, and the Tundra wind was slicing through everything with its ice knives. Outside wasn't going to happen.  Both of us were climbing up the walls.  The 10 year old-literally, me figuratively.   The rules were these, "No jumping on the furniture and no running or throwing things in the kitchen."  I think he managed to find a remedy, don't you?  We need to think outside of that proverbial box too, and not only that, we need to look perhaps just on top of the lid or at the solution clinging desperately to the side.  The solutions to our dilemmas, to the Earth's healing, to finding connections, and connecting with our joy are right there, but we just need to look at things from a slant, not right on.  We need to close our eyes, open them quick and notice what our eyes first fall upon.   I take many lessons from my son.  This was one of the biggies.

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