Monday, October 11, 2010

Native Peoples Day

Today is the day much of America celebrates what they call "Columbus Day."

We, my family and I, celebrate in gratitude that we are here, on this beautiful land called America.  We celebrate and honor in gratitude the Indigenous Peoples who were here first, who kept this land pristine and beautiful, who honored and continue to honor the Spirits of the Land.  We stand in Sacred Silence in memory of the people who fell and gave their lives to defend it.  We celebrate the Spirit of Discovery that got my ancestors here but truly wish they had gone about it all in a different way.  That they had arrived with respect for the people who were already here and sought to learn from them how to live on this Land.

We can all take steps to learn now.  We can seek to feel the Spirits who live here.  We can seek their Blessings and Guidance.  We can learn from the spirits of the Plants and how to heal ourselves, each-other and the Land.  We can begin to recognize and appreciate that perhaps we don't know it all, that there are others who came before us who were wiser, and knew more than us, and perhaps if we are ready, they will gift us with their teaching.

Blessed Be~

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