Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 A Fresh and pro-active Take

There has has been a lot of doom and gloom for these dates, as well as a lot of New Age channelings about the sudden shift of consciousness which was to occur.  But what if you would rather view this from somewhere in the middle?  What else can these dates hold for us?  I'd like to thank astrologer Lynn Hayes  for discovering the following article on the  Creative Numerology  website about "10-10-10".  

10 10 10 signifies a time in the journey when COMPETITION either fades out, or it consumes everything. The age of “1″ will fade at the same pace as our ability to learn about and embrace 2. The first thing 2 teaches us is that COOPERATION, not competition, is the only way forward from here.
The old system of the 1900s is falling apart. What are we going to create in its place? It cannot be more of the same. And yet, if we do not want to start from the very beginning again, from the rubble, we must be careful to preserve all that is good in our world. We did not come into this grand potential called life to be enslaved to a filthy, toxic, unfair, unbalanced, unfeeling industrial system which wants to control our every waking and sleeping moment. The industrial system has no sense of responsibility other than making profit and aspiring to the title of being #1. And because it cannot feel, it has no awareness of the fact that it is falling apart.
In fact, industry is deeply engaged in a war with itself. There are currency wars, product wars, the war to win hearts and minds, the wars that are fought in the name of religion and even human rights, but are actually being fought to secure valuable resources or strategic positions throughout the world. There is always a war on this, and a war on that. This is the stage that competition has reached. Unremitting war. The industrial age is destroying itself, which is the only way a system based on destruction can end.
We are all experiencing the uncomfortable sensation of being squeezed and manipulated by the alliance of industry, government, military, media and religion. The people who have risen to the top of the industrial system have a life all their own up there, controlling the everyday workings, controlling US! It doesn’t matter to them what we think or how we feel. All that matters, is the game they’re playing. Winning is everything, and we are simply the pawns in their obsession with competition. As we grow more aware of our own potential as individuals, and of the outright incompetence and lack of evolvement in those at the top, how can we continue to ignore the fact that these people are destroying our planet and with it, our potential?
Competition is at war with itself because war is competition’s NATURE. In competition, the goal is to defeat one’s opponent. Bring him or her DOWN! “Kill the competition!” It’s called winning. Competition at this level has resulted in a complete destabilizing of our world. But competition is just a camouflage for what really drives the industrial system – and always has. GREED; a fear of loss so great that it becomes an unquenchable thirst – a constant craving for MORE! The greedy are taking everything because that is greed’s mission. To consume everything; own everything; control everything – unaware that this imbalance destroys everything in the end, including it.
Greed is the inability to feel satisfied. Greed is a horrible addiction and, unfortunately most of us are addicted to something. How can we not be when we were all born into this system that was built on greed? We may be addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, cars, gadgets, the internet, to name a few examples. Addiction is lack of Free Will, and Free Will is what we are evolving to, no matter how unlikely that may seem at the present time. Addiction is lack of self-love. It all comes down to love. Everything starts within the self.
It has been said that the richest among us are not those who have the most, but those who need the least. This is a sentiment well worth remembering as our individual journeys unfold.
We are not on earth to labor for others. We are here to learn about life in all its forms, including the physical. But what we have learned so far is limited by our having to focus on making money in order to survive – in a system that is designed to keep everyone in debt. There is nothing wrong with wealth at all. This world is abundance itself when in a state of balance. But there is plenty wrong with poverty.
With everything based on profit not quality, there is no room for creativity and innovation. Nothing new emerges. Consequently, we are up to our necks in cheaply made and often useless throw-away “stuff” that becomes a death sentence for the natural environment which then has to hold our mindlessly discarded junk. Safety standards and conscience have been scrapped in the name of profit. Much of what is being produced: goods, services and FOOD, is downright dangerous today.
If a new form of existence comes into being, (and individuals do have the power to change the status quo by changing our own habits and attitudes), the people who control the current system will NOT be in charge. They know this, and are doing everything they can to distract us from that reality. Greed is always dangerous, but when it reaches its own finish line and demonstrates its need to destroy everything rather than lose control, it is more dangerous than ever. And yet, as the awareness of humanity rises, they are losing control.  (Please click here for the full article.)

Blessings on Gaia.  May we all take heart, take heed, and take the steps to transform our thinking.

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