Friday, December 17, 2010

The universe within

We each have a vast universe within us.  Our potential is infinite, mysterious, magical.  I believe many of us somehow lost our capacity to fathom this once we were born.  We think of ourselves as bodies, with organs inside (just like the diagrams in the science books).  If we are somewhat fortunate we can just grasp the notion that we are a spirit as well, which is bigger than our bodies, and a soul which runs deep, and out and together.  But.  There is also a space of the infinite inside of us, as well as outside.  Some night, when you can see the stars, go out and gaze deep into them, then see yourself expanding past those stars, traveling out, out and beyond.  Where does it end? It's tough to wrap the mind around, right?  But then, take that image, vision, and flip it, like an inside-out doll.  Now see a deep well within you opening up to the very same vastness of infinity.  This is our potential.

When I was a little girl, I remember following the moon as we drove home in the car at night.  I'd imagine myself, in a car, on a little Earth buoyant in the deep sea of space and try to imagine where that space stopped.  It would blow my mind.  This little exercise certainly made the ride home go faster!  It has only occurred to me as a grownup that this mind blowing vastness exists within, and it is in this space where all of our creativity, our power, our unique and precious connection with the Divine lives.

Recently my son asked me about the act of blessing.  We all have the power to bless.  We bless each other, our food, the Earth, our animal friends and our homes each time we dip into the Divine within our own infinite space within and send it out.  Imagine what we can accomplish in the world with this act!

I wish I could now write a formula for tapping into this.  I believe we all arrive there in our own unique and beautiful ways.   But for now I'll just leave you with those thoughts to gently rock in your arms.

Blessed Be

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  1. Hi Carey, I hope you don't mind that I reply to you here as I couldn't leave a comment on your other blog. That photo on my blogpost so happens does not belong to me, as I found it on my laptop at that point of time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! :) That aside, I'll be waiting to see what your other blog is all about. All the best!