Sunday, November 14, 2010

And now for something Herbal...Miraculous Marshmallow Root

This morning I awoke with an ache in my throat. It's been ages since I'd had that sensation so I just went about business as usual...brewed the cuppa joe, began the waffles for Sunday breakfast....  By the time I'd sat down with my waffle drizzled with sunflower seed butter and maple, I felt a full-blown stab of steel right over my left tonsil.  Okay.  No ignoring this.

After pulling out my little decocting pot I realized I had no sore-throat repertoire, well at least not one for just a sore throat.  "Oh Goodie," I thought, "I get to practice!"  Into the pot went my little rootie friends, Echinacea root, Oregon Grape, Red Root, and oh yes, Marshmallow Root.  After decocting for a time I added in some Japanese Honeysuckle - which good fortune shined the light on just this morning as I happened to read in another lovely herbal blog is good for hot sore throats.

It was miraculous.  So soothing, the echinacea tingled and worked its magic and those anti-microbials red root and oregon grape did the rest.  My throat still hurts, so I guess more rest is in my future.  Ah  well, my newest bookie find "From the Hearth" by The Essential Herbal gals is in the mail.  Perhaps it will get here tomorrow!

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